Liquid Natural Gas

The LNG sector has become increasingly important in recent years, and as a result of significant investments by various global corporations it has developed into a major player in the world’s energy industry. LNG is a commodity that’s highly sought after, and this is unlikely to change in the coming years, partly because of its relative ease of extraction and partly because of its lower emission rates.

LNG projects can be found all over the world, and each of them can be subject to fast-changing employment developments. The need to attract and retain large numbers of both skilled and unskilled people can be rapid and somewhat unexpected at times, so those in charge of talent acquisition need to be able to adapt quickly and smoothly.

As a result of such activity, those in the LNG sector simply have to develop and maintain long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with trusted recruitment specialists. If your organisation is about to commence a new project in any part of the world, such as the Middle East, North America, Europe, South-East Asia or anywhere else, finding the right people to make it a reality is an absolute must.

Here at JAB Recruitment, we have been working alongside many of the world’s big hitters in the energy industry for a number of years, and we know what makes the sector tick. Whatever your needs might be – engineers, analysts, trainers, planners, developers, designers, labourers, project managers and more – one call to our helpful team is all it takes to start the process.

The skills you need, right now

One of the more common reasons for skilled individuals to move into the LNG sector is the easy transferability of talent from other areas, such as renewables, power and oil & gas. The experience gained previously will be seen as a major advantage by recruiters, especially because training and development times can be reduced. This is a particular benefit when a new project is about to get off the ground.

The team at JAB Recruitment can help your business to find exceptional candidates who can fit in easily with your company culture, your safety procedures and your operational aims. We’ve worked hand in hand with organisations just like yours, sourcing talented teams and individuals for specialised liquefied natural gas projects right across the globe, and we hope to be doing the same for you.

The future of LNG looks extremely strong, especially given its ability to burn more cleanly than many alternatives. Research, development, extraction and supply chain initiatives need expert talent acquisition services, and that’s where JAB Recruitment comes in. As well as our years of experience and our in-depth knowledge of the business, we’re also versatile, an important consideration in a sector that has had to adapt quickly.

To find out more about JAB Recruitment and what we can do for your business, why not contact the team today? We have offices in various strategic locations, including Houston, Dundee, Aberdeen and Calgary, and we can be contacted right now here or at We hope to be hearing from you very soon.

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