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JAB Recruitment is a leading global recruitment specialist in the energy industry, and as a result we have team members working in various locations around the world. One thing above all else that binds us all together is our set of core values, which every member of the organisation has adopted. These core values help our customers to be aware of what we stand for and how we operate, and as such they underpin everything we do.


By continually thinking in an entrepreneurial way, we are able to ensure sustained company growth. This isn’t only in revenue terms, however, because we are always looking to increase our global influence, our social responsibilities and our determination to always provide the best services for our customers.

Industry knowledge

In-depth knowledge of the energy industry is a must for us. This is an extremely fluid sector, one that’s constantly open to change, and as a result standing still is rarely an option. We know the demands of their consumers as well as the challenges faced by those companies that work within it. This helps us to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.

Client first

Our approach has always been to do what’s best for the client, time after time after time. Your needs may be particularly demanding, potentially complex and highly time-sensitive, but we never forget that those needs are also our needs. A strong focus on what you, the client, requires is our permanent top priority.

Fresh approach

Whether we’re providing a client with a dedicated executive search or perhaps a bank of unskilled workers for a project start-up, we like to explore all the relevant angles in our approach. As befits an industry sector that’s constantly evolving, so too are our recruitment strategies.


Put simply, if our clients are successful then so are we, but when we think of profit we know it’s not just about revenue. Our aim is to also be profitable in our standing within the industry and within the communities in which we work, and to be profitable in the way we’re viewed by both new and existing clients.


No commercial organisation can continue to grow without teamwork, and here at JAB Recruitment we’re proud of the way we all work together for the common goal. Every member of our staff, as well as every consultant and service provider we engage, is made to feel part of the team right from the start.


As an ethically sound and socially responsible recruitment specialist, we believe in respect in all we do. This means everything from the manner in which we communicate with each other to the way we promote a positive culture when dealing with global corporations. We see respect as a professional must-have, and an important building block in our business framework.

To find out more about JAB Recruitment and the values that have helped us to become a major player in the energy sector, contact the team today here or at [email protected]. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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You will hear from us about new openings and expert advice! We care about your information and you can view our full Privacy Policy here.