Petrochemical products are all around us in our daily lives, and the industry that provides them is to be found in all regions around the globe. Plastics, rubber, adhesives, synthetic fibres, pesticides, paints, dyes and detergents all come to us as a result of a petrochemical process, and those who work within such processes are often in great demand from employers.

If your company is operating in the petrochemical sector, you will be all too aware of the need to remain versatile and adaptable, and able to expand, restrict or even close down projects quickly and efficiently. The demands on this rather unique industry come thick and fast, often without much in the way of a warning, so reacting speedily is an absolute must.

And this also applies to recruitment within the industry. You could be faced with the need to source a number of specialists in various fields as well as a bank of labourers for a project in almost any part of the world, and there might be a very limited timeframe in which to work. At moments like these, having the right connections can save you time, energy and of course expense.

The solutions you need in order to succeed

Here at JAB Recruitment, we work on behalf of many of the world’s petrochemical companies, helping them to find the most effective recruitment solutions everywhere from the Middle East and South-East Asia to North America and Europe. We know the industry, we know the problems and we know the demands, and this places us in the perfect position to provide top level services with a minimum of fuss.

This is a diverse sector, and it requires a comprehensive range of roles, including the likes of geologists, software developers, analysts, logistics professionals, project managers, drivers, heavy plant operators, technicians, geophysicists, analysts, training coordinators, directors, accountants, engineers, operations managers and more. Add in the need to recruit in all corners of the world and the fast-paced nature of the business and it’s easy to see why recruitment requires input from knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

Sourcing candidates can be problematic without expert help. You need to find individuals who not only have the skills, experience and qualifications, but also ones who understand the processes within the industry, the regulatory issues that it faces, the rules regarding health and safety and, in many cases, the overall impact on local and global environments.

Taking the hassle out of your recruitment needs

The companies we work for have benefitted from the peace of mind that comes from knowing their recruitment provisions are being looked after by a team of specialists who really care. We work specifically within the energy sector, sourcing and placing ideal candidates in roles throughout the petrochemical power, renewables, oil & gas, mining and LNG fields.

Our impressive results over several years have helped us to build a reputation for excellence, and to enable us to be viewed as the number one choice for so many companies within the global industry. We are the talent acquisition experts that your organisation needs, for both permanent appointments and for short- or long-term contracts in any given location around the world.

Your company’s next recruitment process should be overseen and administered by JAB Recruitment, leaving you to be freed up to focus on your other responsibilities. Whether your needs are in transport, design, engineering, project management, storage, construction, refining or anything else, you deserve the opportunity to attract the very best candidates.

We have offices in various strategic locations, including Aberdeen, Houston, Calgary, Manchester and Dundee, as well as a presence in a number of countries around the world, so you know you’ll be dealing with experts from the start. We are already go-to providers for so many within the energy industry, so why not get in touch with us today to find out why we’re constantly supplying successful solutions for so many others?

The petrochemical sector is fast-paced, reactive and extremely challenging, but knowing you have the best recruitment specialists in your corner can go a long way towards achieving your targets. To find out more, all you have to do is contact our team here or send an email to We hope that we get to speak to you very soon.

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