Working within the power sector brings with it a great many demands and responsibilities, especially as a result of the continuing moves towards greener and more sustainable energy sources. Projects can and do crop up in all parts of the world on a regular basis, and each of these needs to be able to call upon a skilled, versatile and conscientious group of employees.

And while hydro, wave, solar, biomass, wind and waste energy are becoming ever more prevalent, there are of course still many projects harnessing fossil fuels. Given the diversity within this niche sector, hiring managers and HR departments need to be able to rely on their various service providers, and this is especially true when it comes to engaging the services of a recruitment partner.

Here at JAB Recruitment, we’ve been working alongside a wide cross-section of power companies around the world for many years, and we continue to offer the highest of standards without ever compromising on anything. All over the globe, from North America and South-East Asia to Europe and the Middle East, you’ll find power generation and supply projects that have been staffed with help from our team.

Thanks to those years of experience, we’ve gained an in-depth knowledge of the power sector, as well as in oil & gas, renewables, LNG, mining and petrochemical. If your business is in any of these sectors and on the verge of recruiting, you’ll already know the advantages that can be gained from working alongside professional recruiters who truly understand your needs.

All departments, all roles, all locations…all covered!

We can source talented teams and individuals for both fixed-term contracts and permanent appointments, covering all the various departments within your organisation. These departments include the likes of administration, engineering, legal, procurement, sales, technology, research and development, accountancy, health and safety, human resources, business support and so many more.

And of course, we can supply you with both qualified specialists within a certain field as well as with banks of unskilled workers, on all types of contract and in all global locations. The energy and utilities sector is fast-paced and subject to rapid changes, so you need to have a dedicated recruitment big-hitter in your corner at all times. Put simply, your organisation and JAB Recruitment could just be a perfect match.

Whether you’re planning the start-up of a new project, the consolidation of an existing enterprise or perhaps the winding-down of a specific facility, you must have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have access to the workers you require. And you need to know that the best candidates are going to be available quickly and without any unwanted hassle.

To find out more about the benefits of working alongside JAB Recruitment, why not get in touch today? We have offices in various strategic locations, including Aberdeen, Houston and Calgary, and we maintain a presence in many more places, so contact us or email us at info@jab-recruitment.com. We look forward to you making contact with us soon.

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