As you might expect from a global leader in the provision of manpower solutions, JAB Recruitment specialises in finding the best of the best. When the world’s most important companies in the oil & gas, renewables, power and utilities sectors need to entice new talent, they come to us. JAB is a trusted provider, with hubs across the world. Whether you’re looking to consolidate your current standing in the industry or take your career on to a new path in Europe, North America, South-East Asia, the Middle East or anywhere else, the process starts with a browse through our job listings.

It’s not always easy to seek out that dream job, the one that represents the achievement of all your current goals, but you can use our search facility and our filters to pin down the vacancies that best match your aspirations. And if you’re just browsing, why not submit your resume to our team for future consideration?

JAB Recruitment has been matching the best candidates to the most appropriate roles since 2002, and we continue to work to the highest standards. If you’re an employer looking for solutions to your needs for temporary or permanent staffing, at all levels of your company structure, we can help.

We have a reputation for providing the most efficient and effective services for our clients, all performed with an ethical standpoint in mind. The industry we specialise in has been battling with a major skills shortage in recent times, making it more and more difficult for employers to find the men and women who will be able to add value to the business. Here at JAB Recruitment, however, we’ve still been able to source high quality candidates for all roles. To find out more, contact the team today or email at We hope to hear from you soon.

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