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The most talented executives in the energy sector can make a huge difference to the success of a commercial organisation, an industry in which there is a set of unique challenges to be faced on a daily basis. Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers and the like have to achieve success while at the same time handle issues such as sustainability, investment, the introduction of new technologies and the need to respond to troughs and peaks in terms of demand.

As a result, the processes involved in executive search will be different to other areas of recruitment. Your next executive appointment could make or break the future of your business, so it should be handled in the right way, and that means bringing JAB Recruitment on board. Our years of experience and detailed knowledge of this industry will prove invaluable to your quest.

For this reason we have our very own Dedicated brand, Ramsay Black, to provide this service.

In general, executive search will involve strategies aimed at attracting the best of the best, and this means identifying the most talented individuals before tailoring approaches to them. Market mapping is an important tool, as it helps to create a pool of board directors and senior executives from a wide range of industry sectors, not necessarily based in the energy field.

Our executive search specialists will work alongside your organisation from the start of the process, helping you to determine the skills and abilities that your vacancy requires. We’ll liaise with you to create a candidate brief that specifies the challenges that the role brings, and the competencies that the most suitable executives will need to be able to demonstrate.

Make the right approach with the right people

Once we have suitable candidates in mind, we can then make approaches on your behalf to quantify their interest in the role. This process will then enable us to draw up a shortlist of appropriate candidates, and to ascertain their specific strengths. Our assessment of their capabilities can help your hiring team to understand what they can then bring to the table.

We can also provide crucial input such as background checks and references, and where necessary we can help to negotiate any appropriate compensation figures. As a conscientious recruitment specialist, we will also follow up on the transition after the search process has come to an end. Our honesty and objectivity throughout the executive search ensure you have the best tools available to make the right choice.

This is a process that requires professionalism, trust and a strong eye for detail, so make sure your search requirements are in the hands of the experts. Top executives are out there right now, ready and waiting to take on new challenges, and with crucial input from JAB Recruitment you can have them in your corner.

JAB Recruitment is a global specialist serving the mining, petrochemical, oil & gas, renewables, power and LNG sectors all over the world. We have bases in various countries and thanks to our knowledge we’re perfectly placed to help in your next executive search. To find out more, contact the team today or email us at info@jab-recruitment.com.

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