One of the most important issues for global operators in the energy industry is in regard to the logistics of a new start-up, especially one in a country or region that’s a long way from the organisation’s main hub. There are so many boxes that need to be ticked, and as with all new initiatives the clock will already be ticking, a factor that merely adds to the overall pressure.

Of all those boxes, the payroll situation is often the most problematic. Workers, including unskilled labourers, supervisors, technicians, managers, department heads and senior executives, need to be paid, of course, so your payroll services need to be in place and working effectively right from the start. In many instances, this is of course easier said than done.

Thankfully, the solution can be found right here, thanks to JAB Recruitment’s highly impressive payrolling services. With our help, you can speed up personnel mobilisation and ensure salaries are paid in full and on time, and at all times remain compliant with local and national legislation. Put simply, this is one less headache for you and your staff to deal with.

The experience needed to make it a success

We have the experience needed to take charge on your behalf, whether you have a new office location, a stand-alone project or an emerging facility that’s taking shape quickly. And as you might expect from an organisation with a global presence, our services can be utilised in regions right around the world, including South-East Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East.

Our payroll services can be specifically tailored to your needs, and will take into account all potential issues, such as a high staff turnover, overseas workers, temporary staff and complex mixes of weekly- and monthly-paid employees. We can set up new employees on the system, ensure accurate instant wage payments and prepare all relevant documentation on your behalf.

To find out more about JAB Recruitment’s high end payroll services, all you need to do is make contact with our dedicated team. Just contact JAB today, or drop us an email at It’s time to simplify your systems, and we can help to make it a reality.

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