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Permanent / Direct Hire

Senior managers, hiring coordinators and company directors will know just how problematic it can be acquire talented individuals and teams to support changes in the industry, especially when those changes come along at short notice. Your organisation can succeed or fail because of the way it responds to developments, so you need to know that your recruitment providers are at the very top of their game.

Such matters can be especially poignant in the energy industry. This is a hugely important global sector, and there are regular instances of demands that are placed upon it by national governments, unexpected geographical events, calls for greater sustainability and more. Standing still is something that rarely happens in the world of renewables, technical, oil & gas, power, mining, petrochemicals and more.

Put simply, your permanent and direct hire needs for this month could be completely different just a few weeks from now. Thankfully, the team at JAB Recruitment is uniquely placed to react quickly and decisively to your requirements, irrespective of where you’re based or which discipline you specialise in. We work with companies right around the globe, so we already understand the positions you can find yourselves facing.

Whether you need a business analyst to assess a potential new revenue stream, a group of experienced labourers to start a brand-new project or perhaps a team of engineers and geophysicists to carry out research on a potentially new source of oil, we can handle everything. Industry sectors that constantly adapt need recruitment specialists that constantly adapt as well. Your business transitions will, with our invaluable input, be as smooth and stress-free as they can possibly be.

JAB Recruitment can tick all the right boxes for you

Our years of experience and our in-depth knowledge of the industry enable us to cope with any request, leaving you with the opportunity to concentrate on other areas of the business, safe in the knowledge that JAB Recruitment is right by your side. We’ve been providing high quality permanent and direct staffing solutions for a great many industry specialists since 2003, and we’d love to be doing the same for you.

From our offices in Dundee, Aberdeen, Manchester, Calgary and Houston, we can source all types of skilled and non-skilled workers to locations around the globe, including Europe, the Middle East, South-East Asia, North America and elsewhere. Our customers know all about our dedication to the task and our attention to detail, so get in touch with the team today to find out more.

We can be contacted here or at [email protected] today. We hope to be hearing from you in the very near future, and to be providing you with the solutions that you’ve been looking for all along.

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You will hear from us about new openings and expert advice! We care about your information and you can view our full Privacy Policy here.