If you’re a global operator, you need a global recruitment partner

The global energy market is rapidly evolving, with increasing internationalization and projects located in more remote and diverse locations.

For operators and major service companies, making sure they have the right people in the right places at the right time can be a logistical nightmare.

Increasing opportunities in both oil and gas and renewables, combined with skill shortages in some sectors, make the situation even more challenging.

Getting up to speed with local recruitment laws, tax regulations, training, and payment processes can be complex and time-consuming. In this dynamic environment, partnering with a recruitment specialist with a global footprint is not just beneficial—it’s essential.

A Global Reach for Global Aspirations

There are many reasons why it’s better for international operators and service companies to choose a trusted staffing partner with a global profile over a local recruitment company.

The energy industry has many unique characteristics. When you’re dealing with such a high-value commodity as oil, lost time is lost money. Ensuring competent personnel are available, on-site, and ready to start work as soon as possible is critical. Your recruitment specialist must understand these industry-specific challenges and how international energy companies do business.

Smaller, local recruitment providers often offer limited services and may fail to see the bigger picture for your business. They may lack understanding of diverse and complex international laws, tax implications, transport challenges, and visa and permit regulations. They may not have access to the necessary finance or be able to handle a quick influx of activity.

A recruitment partner with a proven track record of success in supporting globally focused operators can be better equipped to understand their customer’s corporate strategic intent when it comes to recruitment. They can ensure the right personnel are on site, fully compliant with local and international recruitment and training standards, and ready to work.

They understand global market trends and can offer insights into international and local recruitment opportunities and challenges. No one wants their project to be held up because of a lack of competent personnel. Recruitment specialists can identify those risks early and suggest how to offset them. That’s why recruitment is vital to early-stage project planning and shouldn’t be left until later on.

Restructuring to Meet Global Demands

For modern staffing partners in the energy industry, it’s not just about finding people in the right location. Today’s energy companies rightly demand much more, and specialists must expand their capabilities to meet evolving market demands. They have to provide consultancy and counsel too.

At JAB Recruitment, we understand the requirements of the international energy market and are successfully supporting them. A 60% growth in our UK revenue and a 35% growth in US revenue reflects our success so far.

We’ve undertaken a strategic restructuring process to enhance our status as a premier international recruitment specialist. This includes significant promotions and the creation of new roles in Europe and the US aimed at enhancing support for global customers.

Joint founder Chris Black has moved from Chief Operating Officer to our newly created Chief Growth Officer role, to reflect his expertise in this field and its importance to our business. Colin Mackie, formerly Vice President Americas, has been appointed as our new COO, Tosha Pennison is our Vice President Subsea and Marine, and Shaun Garrathy joins us as Regional Manager for EMEA.

JAB identifies personnel for contract and permanent positions but is also an employer of record (EOR), able to manage payrolls, tax regulations, and other complex administrative challenges for customers.

Alongside JAB, our international search and selection firm Ramsay Black focuses on identifying and securing top-tier talent for executive and high-level roles, market mapping and remuneration surveys, interim consultants and non-executive directors – providing seasoned expertise for strategic initiatives.

Partnering for Success

In just three years in the Gulf of Mexico subsea and marine sectors, we’ve accelerated from a standing start to being recognised as one of the leading recruitment specialists. Today, we work with 90% of subsea construction, repair, and maintenance companies in the Gulf. We ensure Jones Act compliance for our customers and are proud to support US projects by providing fully competent US workers.

To ensure the personnel we provide have the right skills for the job, and to support our customer’s needs, we’ve partnered with a company to deliver training to local people in skills such as ROV piloting in the Gulf of Mexico.

Shaping the workforce of the future is yet another example of how operators and leading service companies in the energy sector can profit from the strengths of partnering with a global recruitment specialist.

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