The future for energy recruitment looks very bright indeed

Of all the industries in the business world, it’s difficult to imagine any of them facing as many pressures at the moment as the energy sector. This is a field in which rapid changes and constant challenges form part of daily life, and it’s a trend that shows little sign of slowing down. The need to hit the ground running with new projects is always there, as is the way that technological advancements alter the ways in which tasks are carried out.

And while these issues can be stressful enough, there’s also perhaps the most important factor of them all: the need to improve the carbon footprint of an industry that has already done much to better itself in recent years. Sustainability is more than just a watchword in the energy sector, it’s also a way of life. We’ve seen a great many improvements in regard to being greener over the last two decades or so, but there is still a lot more to come.

So what does the future hold for the energy industry? Well, we don’t have a crystal ball, of course, but it’s clear that moves towards more sustainability will continue, and will almost certainly expand dramatically. Most of the world’s more prominent nations have committed to net zero targets (Germany in 2045, the UK, France, the USA and Japan in 2050, for example) so you can expect initiatives to come thick and fast.

Investment will always be a requirement in this industry

In global terms, we’ve relied on fossil fuels for many decades, and although changes are happening there will still be a need for them in the coming years. It’s highly apparent, however, that the ratio between fossil fuels and renewable energy sources will expand year on year for a long time to come. The price for that cleaner air and improved carbon footprint is likely to be an expensive one, however, so major players in the industry, companies that have already invested huge sums of money, will need to continue spending.

And this all spells good news at least for the job market. Wind, solar, wave and biomass energy initiatives require significant numbers of employees to get off the ground and start to flourish. This means jobs in all parts of the world for engineers, labourers, analysts, chemists, drillers, developers, project managers, technicians, electricians, installers and many more. Demand is already high, and it’s easy to imagine that demand getting ever stronger in the years ahead.

All of which means that every energy company, whether it’s based in Beijing, Baltimore, Busan, Berlin or anywhere else, needs to be doing all it can to attract the very best professionals to add to the team. Talent acquisition is now more important than ever before, in part because the industry that has been adapting for so long will continue to expand for the foreseeable future.

To fossil fuel or not to fossil fuel?

One of the major issues facing the industry at the moment is whether to commit further to the development of renewable energy sources, or to continue using fossil fuels by extracting them in a more environmentally acceptable form. Major investment has already happened in both of these spheres, but of course more of that investment will continue to be a requirement.

The one thing that we’ve all learned in the past decade or more is that the energy sector will never be one that simply stands still. Having to react to market forces, resource availability and demands for sustainability will continue, and that means those individuals who work in this sector will be more successful if they remain adaptable and versatile.

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