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Job Description

Rotation Schedule: 14 Days On and 7 Days Off (lodging option provided during rotation)

  • Pay Schedule runs Monday through Sunday, being paid out every Friday direct deposit in your account.
  • Onboarding Compliance:Criminal Background Check, Drug & Alcohol Screening, Basic Physical, Respirator FIT test, and Pulmonary Test. (covered by JAB)

Certifications Required: PEC Safeland, H2S Training, Track hoe Certificaiton

Job Responsibilities:

  • Need the ability to operate excavators, backhoes, and front-end loaders in a competent manner, around equipment and personnel.
  • Operate cutting dryers, transfer pumps, drying shakers, super vacs, and track hoes.
  • Operate centrifuges to lower the volume of waste drilling fluid and reduce raw material additive costs.
  • Will be expected to remove cuttings and material from containers, load trucks, dig trenches and perform preventative maintenance.
  • Handle refueling and communicate any repairs needed on equipment.
  • Rigs up and rigs down Baroid Surface Solutions equipment on work locations to include spotting of equipment and correctly installing lines and pumps.
  • Completes documents, reports, and forms related to services being performed.
  • Trains and provides guidance to operator assistants in operation of Baroid Surface Solutions equipment.
  • Service and repair Baroid Surface Solutions equipment in the field where practical and safe to do so.
  • Demonstrates basic knowledge of Baroid Surface Solutions services and products such as ENVIROFLOC, ENVIROFIX, solids control, etc.
  • Utilizes HMS and CPI processes.
  • Conducts job site activities in accordance with HSE guidelines and customer best practices (JSA, Safety Huddles, Risk Analysis).
  • Identifies and responds to HSE hazards, conditions, and procedures at the job sites.
  • Selectively deployed as designated by skill sets, delivers successful, efficient and professional delivery of products and services with supervision.
  • Must provide own PPE(Personal Protective Equipment) e. coveralls, steel-toe boots, safety glasses, hard hats, etc.

Education, Certifications, and Experience:

  • Completion of a High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Must be computer literate.
  • Possession of a valid Driver’s License.
  • Minimum of 6 months experience in the operation and maintenance of centrifuges, drying shakers, pumps, and excavators.

Job Type: Full-time