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Job Description

Under direct supervision, rigs up and rigs down Baroid Surface Solutions equipment on work locations to include spotting of solids control and waste management equipment.

Learns to complete documents, reports, and forms related to the service performed.

Trains operator assistants in the operation of some or all of the following: shale shakers and screen changes, centrifgues, cuttings handling and slurrification equipment, vacuum and pressure washing apparatus.

Demonstrates basic knowledge of products such as shale shaker screens, ENVIRO FLOC, ENVIROFIX, solids control equipment and other Baroid Surface Solutions services and products. Job tasks, correctly performed, impact indirectly on cost containment, efficiency, profitability or operations.

Consequences of error are easily measured and can be confined.

Skills are typically acquired through successful completion of high school or similar education and at least 6 months of experience as an Operator Assistant.

Licensure to drive commercial equipment may be required.

The ability to communicate effectively with others is necessary.

Promotes safety awareness and environmental consciousness, and complies with all applicable safety and environmental procedures and regulations.

Ensures compliance with Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) regulations and guidelines. Promotes and takes an active part in quality improvement processes.

A passing score on job-related tests or meeting task guidelines is required.

Job Roles:

  • Rigs up and rigs down Baroid Surface Solutions equipment on work locations to include spotting of equipment and correctly installing lines and pumps
  • Completes documents, reports and forms related to services being performed
  • Trains and provides guidance to operator assistants in operation of Baroid Surface Solutions equipment
  • Service and repair Baroid Surface Solutions equipment in the field where practical and safe to do so.
  • Demonstrates basic knowledge of Baroid Surface Solutions services and products such as ENVIROFLOC, ENVIROFIX, solids control
  • Utilizes HMS and CPI processes
  • Conducts jobs ite activities in accordance with HSE and customer best practices (JSA, Safety Huddles, Risk Analysis)
  • Identifies and responds to HSE hazards, conditions and procedures at the job sites
  • Selectively deployed as designated by skill sets, delivers successful, efficient and professional delivery of products and services with supervision.

Education, Licensure, and Experience: (Job requirements are normally attained by)

  • Completion of a High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Possession of PEC Safeland, H2S Training
  • Minimum of 6 months of experience in Operator Assistant II

Job Type: Full-time