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Technical leads must have excellent technical abilities in order to successfully perform their job responsibilities. Applicable skills may include the following: website systems; security principles; open source; security tools; TFS; Performance Analysis; programming languages; and shell scripting. Aside from key technical abilities, these professionals need to have strong leadership skills to motivate team members and know how to efficiently make important decisions. Technical leads should also have strong communication skills to oversee personnel and foster collaboration with other organizational departments. These leads should display a high degree of adaptability in order to learn new technologies as needed and successfully manage the daily challenges of a technical environment. Prior experience of working with SAP interfaces and Oil and Gas industry in a plus.


  • 15 yrs experience
  • Full Stack – Angular 8, .Net, and Oracle with SAP
  • Leadership skills
  • Will not be doing day to day coding, but must be able to mentor team and perform coding when necessary
  • Great communication skills


  • Take up the responsibility of the entire Project.
  • Lead the team of developers
  • Carefully analyze the project and rectify the errors found in the process.
  • Undergo the process of analysis in order to fulfill the requirement of system wide.
  • Developing the detailed design structure after understanding the requirements and the design.
  • Implementing the best practices and coding standards of the project.
  • Reporting for all the weekly/monthly tasks in form of accurate and detailed reports.
  • Working on identifying the project risk and planning mitigation action with the PM at project level.
  • Proactive while reacting to the surprises and should have written explanation for the same.
  • To ensure that Team is working as per the listed priorities and procedures
  • Lead should also work on constantly increasing the productivity of the team and reducing the waste on the other end.
  • Tech Lead should inspire all the other team members, a Lead who is looked upon by all the members.
  • Should carefully analyze the details of all the work.
  • Set targets and expectations for the team.
  • Should have enough knowledge about the designing too in order to involve with the designing team.
  • Fulfilling all the commitments by timely delivering the deliverables.
  • Ensure fair tasks assignments where people are assigned with the task as per their skills and roles.
  • Constantly motivate and encourage team to give their best.
  • Make yourself completely aware with all the technologies thoroughly especially the ones associated with software or application which is under construction.