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Responsible for just in time planning, material requirements planning, capacity planning, and production activity control. Coordinates planning strategy for dependent and non-master items with Master Planner. Converts planned orders to production orders and purchase orders for dependent and non-master items. Verifies material and capacity available. Releases production orders for manufacturing. Reconciles problems by identifying work error messages, expediting material shortages, and coordinating with other planners, Master Planners, and Purchasing. Balances demand with capacity for dependent and non-master items. Serves as Team Leader and member of PCT, PPT, or Sub-PSMT. Requires detailed product knowledge and advanced knowledge of Just In Time, Materials Requirements Planning, Capacity Planning, Production Activity Control, and systems and technology typically achieved through partial APICS certification or 4-6 years experience working in a manufacturing, procurement, or customer service related capacity.


  • SAP
  • advanced Microsoft Excel (vlookup, macro, etc)
  • 1-3 yrs in manufacturing, supply chain (production planning/scheduling,) with oil and gas background if possible