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The Field Construction Representative facilitates field execution of the contractor for the .F/INF and Asset Retirement Equipment Demo projects.

Role Purpose:

Ensures field execution of projects is adhering to company Standards/Rules, and all interfaces are clearly communicated to with respect to scope and schedule.


  • 21/21 rotation schedule, lodging included with $250 per diem.
  • Hitch starts on a Thursday, half day of travel on each end of hitch.
  • All candidates must be able to start work ASAP.

Work of the Role:  

  • Participate in pre-planning of future projects they are assigned to as directed.
  • Responsible for facilitating transfer of locations from upstream suppliers and handing off to customers.
  • Ensures Construction Ground Disturbance Policy is followed by contractor.
  • Facilitates resolving issues with delivery of company owned equipment between Global Supply Chain, Project Lead, and General Contractor (G.C.).
  • Responsible for daily site visits to assigned locations and approval of work permits.
  • Attends jobsite tailgate meetings, contractor safety meetings, and review JSAs on location on periodic basis as auditor and assistant to teams.
  • Ensures that contractors (last planners) are updating project progress accurately in SPS.
  • Ensures that facilities are constructed without deviation according to the IFC Design (P&IDs and E/I).
  • Works with contractors to facilitate work process efficiencies.
  • Communicate impacts and design deviations to Construction Lead and Project Lead.
  • Provides assistance with preliminary review and communication of all changes that could either impact cost or schedule.
  • Responsible to lead joint walk downs and assist contractor with clearing MPLs.
  • Responsible to facilitate cross functional activities involving the contractor on location.
    • Simops with other groups (Drilling, shutdown with OPS, LOTO, etc.)
  • Work with land owners and government personnel as directed.
  • Responsible for looping in Design/Manufacturing Representative and PLs on all busts per the standard bust process.
  • First line of decision making on warranty requests.
  • Responsible for making sure contractors are following company Standard Processes to result in similar execution and delivery results NOR and SOR, reporting discrepancies to Project Lead and Construction Lead.
  • Participate in review of drawing/construction packages.
  • Safety (per month for locals, per hitch for rotational):
    • 2 TREND observations
    • 2 additional EHS audits
      • Site Assessment Checklist
      • DROPS hazard hunt
      • Hands hazard hunt
      • JSA Audit (singular focus on any one of the safety topics)

Quality Assurance Facilitator

  • Receipt inspections (See PFD for Rec Inspection/MPL Correction & Resolution Process)
    • Coach/Mentor the Fabricators & Constructors in the execution of the onsite receiving inspection for controllable equipment, for the handover from the fabricator to the constructor, per the Process Flow Diagram.
    • Participate in the onsite Receiving Inspection Process.
    • Review & Approve/Sign the Custody XFER Form, with list of identified MPL items.
    • Audit by exception the MPL corrections, by the fabricator, which have been verified by the constructor QC as complete/resolved.
    • Identify if/when MPL corrections are not completed in a timely manner, and work towards resolution with the fabricator, to bring into compliance.
  • In process inspections/JWD (See PFD for Const QA/QC & Joint Walkdown Process)
    • Confirm SOW & IFC’s match for fabricator rev’s and interconnect. Assist in resolving conflicts.
    • Monitor/Audit constructor in process inspections. Provide signatures on QA forms, as available.
    • Participate in joint walkdowns, assist with MPL generation, and disputed items.
    • Sign Custody Transfer Form, with attached list of MPL’s.
    • Audit by exception MPL resolutions with General Contractor, prior to QA Sign-off.
    • Coordinate/Participate in Post IP Walkdown Process.
  • Review and advise on budgets and change orders as requested by the Project Lead.

Any other task assigned by the Project/Construction Lead and able to be performed competently and safely.

Expected Behaviours as a Leader and as a Team Member

As a Leader:

  • Participate with contractor in pre-planning for assigned projects.
  • Work with team of contractors to deliver projects according to design, cost, and schedule.
  • Clear obstacles and pursue clarification for contractors as problems arise.
  • Challenge less than desirable results and work towards positive change with contractor.
  • As they occur, communicate any concerns or impacts to the contractor so they can react accordingly in a timely manner.
  • Daily engagement on projects with the contractors performing the work.
  • As a representative of the company, always behave in a professional manner and communicate with respect to those you work with.

As a Team Member:

  • Commit to and support Project Lead and management’s decisions.
  • Contribute Ideas towards maximizing efficiency and conflict resolution.
  • Focused on achieving collective results.