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The ideal candidate should be one with experience in continuous batch production or someone with long-term employment with a power company, which would have to provide power continuously for customers.

The person in this role will design, develop, and supervise the production of the 138kV and higher electrical equipment, processes, systems, and subsystems that rely on electricity to work. S/he will work with items like circuits, transformers, wiring, and electrical parts
The candidate must understand 138kV and higher relay protection. Hands on working knowledge Gas-insulation switch gear (GIS).

The desired Key Skills/Qualifications are:
Work experience with large electric motors and/or high voltage electric motors
2.Work experience in a petro-chemical facility, refinery and/or LNG facility
3.Work experience with large cryogenic heat exchangers
4.Work experience with large compressors
5.Work experience with the cold-end of an ethylene or amine processing facility
6.Work experience tracing Piping & Instruments Design schematics