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Under direct supervision, perform operations specific to the manufacturing and assembly of fixed cutter drill bits, including general assembly, mold fabrication and brazing operations.

Assist brazing operation by installing cutters, applying flux and setting cutters in correct positions as directed by Braser.

Saw, drill and chip graphite mold and cores away from casting.

Glass bead blast residual graphite as necessary.

Prepare bit for brase operation by grinding, polishing and fitting PDC cutters to pockets.

Clean, apply flux and thermal blanket to casting and place in warming furnace to bring bit to specified temperature for brazing operation.

Performs own work and provides assistance to others as directed.

Job tasks, correctly performed, have minimal impact upon the viability of the organization. Error is readily ascertainable by the supervisor and can be corrected.

Skills are typically acquired through 0-2 years of experience in Manufacturing, which includes experience in shop environments.

Must have basic knowledge of manufacturing and shop work environments.