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Whether you work within the energy sector or in another industry, if you’re seen as a successful executive, then you’re going to attract attention at some point. That means that you could be approached with requests for interviews, invitations to speak at conferences, etc. And of course, there’s a good chance that you will be noticed by recruitment specialists conducting an executive search.

You could be considered an expert in your field, meaning recruiters will seek you out. A career change may mean moving away from your current industry, job title and company, potentially opening up a whole new career path for you, one that you might never have considered in the past. This is all because you’ve got the right qualifications and experience, and you therefore stand out from the crowd.

If you’re perhaps trying to get yourself noticed, networking is crucial because it helps you get ahead in life. You may not realise it, but when you network with others, you’re helping them too. People like to help those who help others. When you connect with someone, you exchange information, skills, knowledge, contacts, and ideas. By doing this, you’re helping others to grow professionally and personally, and of course adding to your own reputation along the way.

There are many different types of networking, and in recent years perhaps the most valuable are those that take place online. The golf course used to the number one site for networking, but these days social media platforms and the likes of LinkedIn have become more influential.

Executive search services that tick all the right boxes

If you’re a senior manager in a company that’s about to conduct an executive search, you’ll probably already know that finding the right fit for your company’s leadership team is critical to future success. JAB Recruitment can help you identify the ideal candidate for your position, and then provide ongoing guidance throughout the recruitment process. Our consultants understand the challenges facing potential employers today and we have access to the highest quality candidates available.

We offer a comprehensive approach to recruiting, including sourcing, screening and interviewing. We use our knowledge of the energy industry and its market dynamics to ensure that every candidate selected meets your specific needs. Our team can also provide ongoing coaching and mentoring to help them hit the ground running once they join your organisation.

It’s generally not overly difficult to sell the idea of working in the energy sector to candidates from other industries. Top executives in renewables, mining, oil & gas, power, petrochemicals and LNG tend to earn high salaries and enjoy many rewarding bonuses. And of course, this is rightly seen as a dynamic and exciting industry in which to work and develop.

To find out more about executive search services from JAB Recruitment, all you need to do is get in touch with the team. Just call 0845 1308 007 or email us at info@jab-recruitment.com. We hope that you’ll contact us soon.

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